During the Teacher’s Week in Iran, Sharif University of Technology Held a Graduation Ceremony with Over 1900 Graduates


In this gathering, Dr. Rashtchian, the Dean of Educational Affairs at SUT, delivered a speech and congratulated the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, the Teacher’s Day and the International Labor Day. During his speech, just to remind how Sharif graduates have influenced their own society and the world, mentioned the name of Maryam Mirzakhani a few days before her birthday, May 12 which is recognized as the Women in Mathematics Day. A day which would be celebrated every year inside the mathematical community, encouraging women from all over the world to advance their achievements in the field. He continued on the big role Sharif University has played in educating capable managers, successful entrepreneurs, efficient faculty members and committed engineers to serve the country. “With the development and application of modern science and technology, the university has tried to meet the needs of the country in various industrial, economic and social sectors. In the global level, as well, Sharif University of Technology impressively contributed to producing science and extending the boundaries of knowledge and technology”, he said.

First in the 23rd Scientific Olympiads for University Students with 14 medals, Bronze Medal of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC)-2019, four honors at the 32nd International Khwarizmi Award, first in the 42nd Iranian student math competition with four gold medals and one silver medal, earning 6 gold, silver and bronze medals at the 25th International Mathematics Competition in Bulgaria, third in International AIAA competition, 2019 Bruce Bolt Medal, and Fluid Dynamics Prize of APS Physics were just a few of the Sharif graduates’ accomplishments in National and International levels mentioned by Dr. Rashtchian.

The ceremony continued with the speech of Dr. Fotuhi, President of Sharif University of Technology, hoping that Sharif graduates step forward in their efforts to promote the progress of the university and the country and improve public lives, as their talent is trusted for building the future. “Sharif University of Technology is proud to have a special role as a specialized university not only in training elites and industrial leaders, but also in carrying out research and embarking on industrial projects. Sharif community is proud to be the source of social, political, cultural, scientific, and management systems of the country for more than half a century”, he said. “It is true to claim that at no point in time, the government and the economy have expected universities and higher education institutions, so willingly, to respond to existing problems and challenges. Currently, universities are expected to enhance their services and expand their activities to respond to a wider range of expectations. Sharif University of Technology has also put its strategic plan to achieve a community-centered university. Provoking the sense of responsibility in critical issues such as environmental protection, sustainable development and respecting moral obligations associated with citizenship of a society are the key matters that the university expects its graduates to prioritize.”, he continued.

At the ceremony, also, professors from different departments of Sharif were honored for their dedication to educating students and to the name of Sharif.

The total number of Sharif alumni has been more than 58,000 since its foundation in 1966. The number of graduates in this year is 1945 of which 142 graduated PhD, 911 received Master’s degree and 892 finished their undergraduate programs.


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