25th Scientific Olympiad for University Students: SUT students reap the rewards

The scientific olympiad for university students is held annually with the purpose of exploring the brilliant talents among university student, and creating opportunities for their academic advancement.
In this scientific competition, physics students, namely, Seyed Mohammad Hossein Kalahroudi, Kourosh Sadri, Abolfazl Ebrahimi, Mohammad Mirsahmi, Ebrahim Khaleghian, and Kamyar Mohammadzadeh Roudakian succeeded to stand at the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and fifteenth place respectively. Mechanical engineering students also shone by standing at the third, fifth, twelfth, and fifteenth place. Also, the medal was hung on the neck of Mohammad Ali Bakhtiari, Amir Abbas Benvidi, Seyed Yousef Soltanian, and Mahdi Tohidlou. In the field of materials science and engineering, Mohammad Mahdi Vakil, Mohammad Saeed Rashidinezhad, Danial Hosseini, and Alborz Bakhtiari won the first, second, third, and sixth place respectively. In the field of industrial engineering, Mohammad Mahdi Ghahremani and Amir Reza Mehrabi finished in the first place and Alireza Eshghi stood at the third place. Also, Mohammad Yasliani, student of the industrial engineering department, took the fifth place of this scientific competition. Aryan Mollakhalili succeeded to finish in the runner-up position in the field of civil engineering. In the field of chemistry engineering, SUT students won the third and the fourth place, and Mohammad Pasha Fomeshi and Mohammad Reza Rezakhanlou were successful students of this olympiad. In the field of economics, Mohammad Saadatbakhsh won the first, and Amir Osati won the third place. Moreover, Amirhossein Rashidi won the ninth place in chemistry. In the field of mathematics, Mohammad Masih Hamidi and Amir Hossein Yavari stood at the first and tenth place in this competition.

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