A SUT Professor’s Publication in Science Journal

A faculty member of the Department of Physics, in collaboration with an International Research Group, has published an article titled “Complete steric exclusion of ions and proton transport through confined monolayer water” in the highly acclaimed journal, Science.

According to PR of SUT, Dr. Ali Esfandiar, assistant professor of the Physics Department of Sharif University of Technology, in collaboration with a group of international researchers, succeeded in publishing the results of his new work on proton transport and removal of ions from a monolayer water in an article entitled “Complete steric exclusion of ions and proton transport through confined monolayer water “in Science journal. Controlling ion flow from nanometric channels is a challenge in energy, biotechnology, desalination, etc. studies. Due to ions’ size, most of which are smaller than one nanometer, there is a need for angstrom-scale canals in order to completely remove them. In this study, the creation of a channel with the thickness of a carbon single-layer (approximately 4 angstrom) is reported. The complete exclusion of small ions such as sodium, potassium and chlorine was an exciting observation achieved in the work. In this channel, the water layer is limited between two two-dimensional plates separated as much as the thickness of a carbon atom, and only protons can pass through these channels selectively. The introduced channel is the smallest of its kind that have been made of two-dimensional materials. In nature, only the aquaporin membrane proteins are capable of selective transport. This work provides the basis for more accurate designs and simulation of angstrom-scale membranes and ion transport mechanisms.

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