Standard Student Dormitories

The university has several student dormitories for Iranian male and female students, all located close to the main campus.  The international students may live in the same dormitories as their Iranian counterparts. The rooms in these dormitories are typically designed to accommodate four or five people. Although we do our best to put international students together in the same rooms, this is not always possible and we do not guarantee the number or the nationalities of the roommates.


The bathroom and catering facilities are shared and there is a study room in each dormitory where the students can study in a quiet atmosphere. Dinner is served every night at these dormitories.


The standard student dormitories are fairly subsidized and International students can stay in these dorms for a nominal monthly fee of around 100 USD which costs substantially less than similar private housing facilities.

Private Student Housing for International Students

The university offers private housing to international students where rooms are either single or double occupancy. Female students are offered a specially prepared house where they choose between single and double rooms. The house is located inside the university and is about 1-minute walk to the classes. The single and double rooms will cost about 300 and 200 USD per month which includes gas, electricity and maintenance costs. Men are offered rooms in a university house block where they may or may not choose to share their room.


The houses for female students are fully furnished and have all the catering, bathroom, TV, computer and laundry facilities.

Male students’ rooms are in a graduate block where the catering and bathroom facilities are communal, but each room is occupied by one or two people.


The rents are as follows:  (water, gas, and electricity bills are included)


Type of Housing


Number of People in one room Monthly Rent (per person)
Female 1 $200
Female 2 $150
Male 1 $200
Male 2 $150

Married Housing

Those who require married housing should contact the International Students Office to find out about availability, cost, etc.; iso@sharif.edu, +98-21-66165059