Amin Fathpour thinks partaking in IMC was a unique opportunity for him….

Amin Fathpour, undergraduate student of Electrical Engineering and Mathematics at Sharif University of Technology who recently won the first prize in the International Mathematics Competition for University Students (2019) thinks Sharif University of Technology performs well in providing the students with opportunities for international engagement

He thinks partaking in IMC was a unique opportunity for him where he had the chance to interact with international groups and experience the differences. “Sharif University of Technology helped me in my achievement in two ways; firstly, by offering the courses necessary for taking part in the competition and secondly the fact that the university administrators notice the importance of sending teams to the internationally recognized competitions”, says Amin. However, he believes that for future events, an early planning could significantly improve the results.

As an undergraduate student studying in two majors, he assesses the education at Sharif University as high-quality, yet the question that how the science produced in top universities of the country could be employed to offer solution to practical problems of our society, is a challenge in his mind.

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