Discovering National Talents

Discovering National Talents: Sharif University of Technology Hosted 5000 Students at the 15th Leco Cup Festival

The 15th Leco cup Festival of Scientific and Research Innovation was held on April 19, 2019 in Sharif University of Technology.

The competition, the largest student event of the Middle East and student festival of the nation, is designed to help discover talented students aged 6 to 18 in more than 18 different disciplines. 5000 students from 300 cities of Iran took part in this round of the festival. Lecorobo, Aerospace (Leukoplia), Mental and Math abacus calculations (lecomath), Creative engineering (lecokids), Laboratory science (Lecolab), Thinking field (Leco Q) Chemical fuel machines (Leco Chem e car), astronomy and nanoparticles were among the major disciplines of the competition.

The event is sponsored by the Iranian Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, Iranian National Commission for UNESCO, and Tebyan Cultural Institute and is aimed to encourage entrepreneurship and future economic development in the country.

The top participants of Sharif Leco cup Festival will compete in the World Leco Cup 2020, Turkey.

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