Dr. Yasaman Ghasempour reaps the 2020 Marconi Society Young Scholar Award

This Award recognizes the world’s most innovative young engineers in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) who show extraordinary technical acumen, innovation, creativity, and promise for using ICT in service of digital inclusion.
Dr. Ghasempour received this important award for her innovative work to bring high-speed terahertz networks to consumers by efficiently connecting devices to these networks. She received her B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Sharif University of technology; then, she joined Rice university to pursue her education career. Her innovation paves the way for people to use new ultra high-speed wireless networks easily and economically by coordinating the connections from various devices, such as computers, mobile phones and autonomous vehicles, to the network and efficiently maintaining these connections in mobile environments.

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Dr. Yasaman Ghasempour Recognized with the 2020 Marconi Society Young Scholar Award

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