Fatemeh Sajadi who recently won the gold medal of IMC talks about her passion for Mathematics

The second-year student of Mathematics at Sharif University of Technology who recently won the first prize in 2019 International Mathematics Competition is very happy for having the chance, “a once in a lifetime opportunity that every mathematics lover should experience” as she says. She believes studying at Sharif University and having the chance to learn from professors she admires had a significant impact on her achievement.

Talking of women in mathematics reminds everyone of Maryam Mirzakhani. To Fatemeh this is not just a name coming to her mind when heard of; from the time she partook in Iranian Mathematics Olympiad for high-school students and won a silver and a gold medal respectively at her second and third grade she thinks of Mirzakhani as a perfect role model. “Every time I dream a future for myself, that is a life like hers” she says.

Mathematics was a passion for her from her childhood and the joy she gets every time she manages to solve a difficult problem is her drive to continue. She doesn’t believe that talent for mathematics is any different in men and women. “This is not about gender, it’s about the enthusiasm to pursue what you love”. She received encouragement and support from her family and specially her mother and is happy to have people around herself who respect her interests.


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