Tuition Fees for International Students

The tuition fee consists of two parts: A fixed tuition fee per semester plus a fee that depends on the number of units of courses that you take during the semester. The tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate international students are listed in the table below.

Educational Status Fixed Fee per Semester Fee per Unit
Undergraduate €1000 €35
Graduate (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) €1050 €80
Visiting (undergraduate) €1000 €35
Visiting (graduate) €1050 €80

Expected Living Expenses

As well as your tuition fees, you will need to budget for your living expenses. These depend on your personal circumstances, but we recommend that students should budget around 2400 EUR per year. This figure is estimated to cover the costs of staying at Sharif for nine months, i.e. two semesters and the short vacation (Norouz), and includes the cost of accommodation, food, books, and entertainment for the time spent in Tehran. If you intend to stay in Tehran for the whole year you will need at least 3200 EUR. You will also need to cover the costs of travel to and from Tehran at the start and end of each year.


A highly competitive full tuition scholarship is awarded by The Ministry of ScienceResearch and Technology (MSRT) to especially talented students. The tuition scholarships will be granted for the first semester, and can be carried on to the following semesters based on the academic performance of the receiving students.

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