Sharif University of Technology Students Honored at the International Mathematics Competition for University Students- 2019

With two gold medals and two silver medals, the Sharif team of 4 students wins the 13th place in the 26th IMC International Student Mathematics Competition (2019).

This year’s competition was organized by University College London and hosted by the American University in Bulgaria. The competition took place from the 28th of July to the 3rd of August, 2019.

The competition was planned for students completing their first, second, third or fourth year of university education with a maximum age of participants being 23 years of age at the time of the competition. Problems were from the fields of Algebra, Analysis (Real and Complex), Geometry and Combinatorics.

The IMC competition is an annual mathematics competition for students from universities from around the globe. In this round, students from world-renowned universities as University of Bonn, Higher School of Economics, Saint Petersburg State University, ETH Zurich, Cambridge and Charles University competed and in the final results University of Bonn from Germany, HSE from Russia and University of Cambridge from the UK stayed at the first to third place respectively.

Prof. Daneshgar, head of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, says: “Sharif University of Technology has been yearly participating in this competition for about 20 years. In every round SUT has been honored with different titles and it has the honor of wining the third place in its record.

Sharif University of Technology congratulates its talented undergraduate students Fatemeh Sajadi and Amin Fathpour (Read his recent interview here)  for the gold medals and Ali Daienabi and Mohammad Reza Aminian for the silver medals.

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