Prof. Dr. Peter Langer Holds a Seminar at Sharif University of Technology

On April 29th Prof. Peter Langer, Head of the Department of Organic Synthesis of the Leibniz-Institute of Catalysis e.V., University of Rostock, attended the Chemistry Department of Sharif University of Technology to hold a Seminar on “Synthesis of Heterocycles by Modern Catalytic Reactions”.

Prof. Langer’s main research areas include the development of new synthetic methods and strategies and their application to the presentation of pharmacologically, structurally, theoretically or material scientifically interesting molecules. An important focus of his work is the establishment of an international scientific network (Pakistan, Hungary, Armenia, Syria, Iraq, Cuba, Kazakhstan, among others), from which diverse, successful cooperation projects have developed.

In the area of development of Heterocycles, he is currently working on the development of new palladium-catalyzed domino reactions for the synthesis of complex heterocycles in the one-pot process, development of new fluorinated heterocycles for their particular pharmacological interest, Chromones as synthesis building blocks in various domino reactions to build a variety of complex heterocycles.


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