River Publishers brings out SUT professors’ second edition textbook

The second edition of the book titled, “Introduction to wireless Communication Circuits” written by Dr. Forouhar Farzaneh, Dr. Ali Fotowat, Dr. Mahmoud Kamarei, Mohammad Elmi, Ali Nikoofard, from Electrical Engineering Department of SUT, published by River Publishers in 2020. The first publish of the book brought out by the same publisher in 2018, reaped the university’s book of the year (written in a foreign language) reward.

This remarkable book includes some important technical topics namely, Wireless Communication System, RF Oscillators and Phase Locked Loops, Modulator and Demodulator Circuits, RF Mixers, Automatic Gain Control and Limiters, Microwave Circuits, Transmission Lines and S-Parameters, Matching Networks, Linear Amplifier Design and Power Amplifiers, Linearization Techniques.

The book description is as follows:
Over the past decade, tremendous development of wireless communications has changed human life and engineering. Considerable advancement has been made in design and architecture of related RF and microwave circuits. Introduction to Wireless Communication Circuits focuses on special circuits dedicated to the RF level of wireless communications. From oscillators to modulation and demodulation, and from mixers to RF and power amplifier circuits, all are presented in a sequential manner. A wealth of analytical relations is provided in the text alongside various worked out examples. Related problem sets are given at the end of each chapter. Basic concepts of RF Analog Circuit Design are developed in the book.



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