Seismic Isolation Technology and Safesense of Sharif University of Technology at the 19th Int’l Exhibition of Building and Construction Industry


Sharif Seismic Isolation Technology (SIT) group participated at the 19th Int’l Exhibition of Building and Construction Industry presenting high-damping rubber bearing “HDRB”. Sharif’s SIT group, has more than a decade of experience in designing, manufacturing, and testing of seismic isolation systems.  The result is improved damping properties of natural rubber seismic separators without the use of conventional dampers and their increased life span. Seismic separation research started in 2004, at Sharif University of Technology’s Department of Civil Engineering and its Earthquake Engineering Research Center.

Safesense group was the other startup from Sharif attending the exhibition. The product is an application that notifies residents of a building of probable dangers. This is achieved by continuous investigation of structural failures and damages as a result of equipping the building with acceleration sensors, making use of building simulation and modeling techniques, and artificial intelligence. Design and construction of a comprehensive building monitoring system customized for each structure, production of acceleration sensors, development of damage detection software, continuous identification of damage caused by gradual deterioration of the structure, identification of hidden damage to the structure and determination of the safety performance of a structure after earthquake, all without disrupting the building performance and without having to demolish the structures, are other services provided by the Safesense team of Sharif University of Technology. The obvious result of using such a system is a considerable reduction in the repair cost and time when damages happen.

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