Sharif Alumnus Wins Prestigious Int’l WIPO Award

A PhD graduate of Sharif University of Technology will receive WIPO award in Italy.

Milad Johnny, an alumnus of Sharif’s department of electrical engineering, is to receive WIPO Medal for Inventors for his research work in the field of telecommunication. It is worth mentioning that his work has also reaped second place in Young Researcher/Technologist Section in 21st Khwarizmi Youth Award ceremony.

Milad Johnny’s work on “Increasing Achievable Transmission Rate of Interference Channel Using Blind Interference Alignment” is conducted by him as the main collaborator under supervision of Prof. Mohammad-Reza Aref, faculty member of Sharif’s department of electrical engineering.

Blind interference alignment (IA) is signaling scheme that holds interference in multi-user systems, without sensing channel state information at the transmitter (CSIT). The key is the use of reconfigurable antennas (RA) that are capable of dynamically switching between a fixed number of radiation patterns to introduce artificial fluctuation in the channel.


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