Sharif Konnect; A Reliable System for Contact Management and Privacy Assurance

In today’s world, while telephones are the basis of everyday communication and it is inevitable for businesses to use the latest technological advancements to thrive, it is substantial to ensure and protect individual’s privacy more than ever. Konnect Sharif team in Electronic Innovation Center of Sharif University of Technology has transformed the latest achievements of the modern world and research outcomes of national scholars and specialists into the most intelligent and comprehensive solution.
Dr. Iman Gholampour, a faculty member at Sharif University of Technology, was interviewed for a detailed description on the new system they have introduced. Dr. Gholampour, a graduate of Sharif University of Technology and Associate Professor at Electronics Research Institute (ERI), said: “The Research- Engineering Group of Sharif Smart Solutions consists of professors, graduates, engineers and senior students who attempt to conduct research that meets the industrial needs of the country.” The director of Konnect Group added: “Using the latest achievements in the fields of computer science, electronic engineering, artificial intelligence systems, and smart embedded systems to meet the needs of industry and society, is a comprehensive and brief description of the mission of the group. He continued, “Designing Sharif Konnect System was one of the main projects pursued by this team. It is a secure and reliable tool for monitoring phone calls from members of a group or organization with customers outside the office. Konnect Sharif is a smart telecommunication service that provides mobile phone services for institutions and any company that provides service outside of its buildings to its customers can be the potential customer. In this system, parameters such as the time and the number of rings before a phone call is answered is recorded as well as the audio file of each call. To assess the quality of staff responses, a smart system studies the audios to recognize the emotional states, tone, content and the manner two parties talk.”
Technical analysis of the Konnect system could be given in two parts of hardware and software. In terms of hardware, the operating system is designed based on Linux kernel; therefore, all processors that support the Linux operating system will be able to run this software. The operating system is customized by the Konnect Security Team. All additional modules and drivers are eliminated and specific security modules are implemented.
He added, “the system comes with a management dashboard that enables the controller to analyze data, assess the conditions and make proper decisions. Transportation companies, Internet providers, and service companies are among the businesses that could benefit from such a service.” About the difference between Konnect System and other existing smart systems of the same kind, Dr. Gholampour explained: “Technical problems are the main obstacles in using existing systems in the market. While the new system solves such technical problems, it outperforms others by capabilities such as tone evaluation, responding to complaints with the help of automated analyzer, statistical analysis, and customizing the analysis and communication priorities to meet the needs of organizations and individuals.”
At the end of the interview, he acknowledged the support of Dr. Mokhtari, the Director of Industrial Relations of Sharif University, and Development and Technology Transfer Office in commercialization process of the system.

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