Sharif multi-storey car park contract signed

The contract for the construction, operation and transfer of the multi-storey car park in Sharif University of Technology was signed in the presence of some members of the university foundation and officials.

Due to current conditions and with the aim of taking necessary measures to reduce COVID-19 risks, the contract for construction, operation and transfer of multi-storey car park of Sharif University of Technology was signed in presence of Dr. Mahmoud Fotouhi, President of the University, Dr. Abbas Mosallanejad, Chairman of the Board of the University foundation, Mr. Gholamreza Bahari, A member of board of directors of the University foundation, a SUT graduate and constructor of the car park, Dr. Farshad Fatemi, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance of the University, and Dr. Sirous Qutbi, Advisor and General Manager of the Presidency.

Under the agreement, the five-storey car park will be operational within two years on the north side of the campus, between The Graduate School of Management and Economics and the new Department of Mechanical Engineering, accommodating more than 1000 car parking spaces.

It is hoped that by utilizing this project and eliminating cars from the main campus, the university environment would become a safer and more peaceful place for students, faculty members and staff.

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