Smart specialisation: An innovative strategy for developing less developed regions

Smart specialization is a novel concept which has received a burgeoning attention in the European countries since 2011 to develop regions through expansion and empowerment of research and innovation. This success has kindled the interest of other less developed countries and regions to use this concept. This webinar aimed to use the opinions and the experiences of a well-known international scholar in this area in European and non-European countries to better implement this concept in the country based on research and innovation.
In this webinar, Ms. Marina Ranga, director of policy making at the Joint Research Centre, European Commission, in Seville, Spain, and the professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at Warsaw University, Poland, delivered a talk titled “smart specialization: an innovative strategy for developing less developed regions”. In this lecture, she shed light on her experiences of diverse smart specialization projects in cooperation with European commission in various countries.
An important topic that she concentrated on was the issue of the less developed countries and their challenges to use and implement this concept. The main advantage of implementing this strategy in less developed regions is the catalytic implementation as it mobilizes the actors and the resources at the regional level. All stakeholders are involved in the prioritization, implementation, and financing processes of the project, paving the way for them to collaborate and share visions. A question and answer session was the last part of this webinar.

The webinar was organized by the TANA Program at Sharif Policy Research Institute (SPRI), affiliated with Sharif University of Technology.

You can still watch the recording using this link.

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