Smart Traffic Enforcement System to Identify Traffic Violation and Recognize Vehicle License Plate Number

Monitoring traffic and misdemeanors across the city and interurban roads, smart parking lots, and traffic data analysis are integral elements of intelligent transportation systems. Researchers at Sharif University of Technology have developed a system that allows a precise control on traffic and recognition of traffic offenses.
The system is designed by the Research- Engineering Group of Sharif Smart Solutions which consists of professors, graduates, engineers and senior students who attempt to conduct research that meets the industrial needs of the country.
According to Dr. Gholampour, Associate Professor at Electronics Research Institute (ERI), the latest achievements in the fields of computer science, electronic engineering, artificial intelligence systems, machine learning, data mining and data analysis, and smart traffic control systems are employed as the basis for addressing the needs of the industry and society; this is what he describes as the mission of this research group.
Konnect license plate readers which are designed and manufactured at Sharif University of Technology, has been selected as the top system in three series of national tournament of machine vision and robotics in Sharif University of Technology and Amir Kabir University of Technology. The results of research on designing such a highly accurate system was also published in the journal of IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems in 2016.
The advantages of this particular smart traffic control system over the others are its high accuracy and minimum cost. Recoding traffic information and violations with an accuracy of 99%, classification of the vehicle type (light or heavy) with a precision of 95%, parking management systems, mobile readers, and smart phone applications are different forms in which this system is used.
In addition to being resistant to environmental conditions, these systems are capable of detecting covered and damaged license plates, detecting multiple plates in one image. They are, as well, more accurate in comparison with similar foreign products installed in the country. In addition to the superiority of precision, performance and competitive price, using this system guarantees information security.

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