SUT comes first in the MSRT’s program for the third consecutive year

Sharif University of Technology came first for the third time in a row according to the latest report from the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology program to elevate selected higher education and research centers to the highest international standards
According to the latest report of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, in the program to elevate elite higher education and research centers to the highest international standard, Sharif University of Technology stood in the first place with a significant difference from its peers for the third consecutive year. In this plan, 17 universities and 12 institutes attempt to boost their place in the international sphere by improving their quality related to education, research & technology, and infrastructure according to their strategic plan.
The most important educational indicators are the number of domestic and international faculty members, domestic and international students, joint international courses, and international prizes. Indicators concerned with research and technology include the number of top-tier articles and their reference rate, the number of highly-cited researchers, the number of inventions, the number of knowledge-based companies, income from industry and research, articles, contracts and joint international projects, as well as sabbaticals. Support indicators of this plan comprise infrastructure information, namely, the number of employees, recreational and IT facilities, international professors and students’ accommodation, and peoples’ endowments. Sharif University of Technology ranked first for the third consecutive year and depicted its applicable and definite plan for improving its quality level. Undoubtedly, this phenomenal success would not be possible without the efforts of each and every member of SUT family.
SUT expresses sincere appreciation to the faculty members, employees, and students and extends its warmest congratulations to all of them on this outstanding achievement.

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