SUT Effectively Combats COVID-19

With the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) sweeping across continents and affecting many millions, health authorities, policy-makers, and scientists, innovators around the world are racing to invent ways to contain the further spread of the virus. Universities are contributing to this collective fight against this and future severe and potentially long-lasting public health crises.

Akin to our dedicated fellows around the world, research teams at Sharif University of Technology (SUT) have been working tirelessly to contribute to the global taskforce for coronavirus control. In terms of research and knowledge-based activities, SUT took decisive steps including development of a smart system for COVID-19 diagnosis through CT results, creation of Mask application for decreasing the victims, and Shad application for education platform, data analysis and modelling of COVID-19 contagion, designing platform for content creation and sharing for teachers, manufacturing ventilators, presentation of dynamic model of COVID-19 contagion, and important COVID-19 related data analysis for macro policy making.

Our cultural and student-centered activities comprise creating anti-corona student campaign, providing regular “Sharif Corona” webinars, helping medical staff in three hospitals, providing food for medical staff and patients as well as nutritious snacks, arrangement of different camps to provide food for medical staff, cooperation with knowledge-based companies for different purposes, and providing health-related items for child labors.

Our campaign related activities covered establishment of online education platform with more than 85% coverage, notifying SUT family members through our media, remotely responding to the students’ educational requests, online consultative services, educating janitors regarding COVID-19, manufacturing antiseptic products at laboratories, redefining reception and hygiene protocols, publishing educative brochures for staff and students, regular disinfection of campus, distribution of mask and antiseptics, controlling entrances using clinical thermometers plus limiting them, launching student competition with the topic of COVID-19 term, and creating national #stayhome campaign.

The coronavirus knows no boundaries. We need to count on our capabilities, knowledge and facilities to support our common goal of curtailing Covid-19.

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