SUT to Lead National Earthquake Simulation and Retrofitting Studies

For the first time in the country and the third time in the world, by doing destructive tests on real life confined masonry constructions, SUT’s researchers identified the weakness of these buildings and proposed solutions for seismic retrofitting. This is a joint project with the researchers of the faculty of engineering of the University of Tehran.

This project is a part of a contract signed with Organization for Development, Renovation and Equipping Schools of Iran (DRES) for seismic retrofitting of the schools in the country.

“The behavior of earthquake is dynamic, but in this test we have simulated that by means of a reciprocating behavior,” said Dr. Bakhshi, Professor at SUT’s Civil Engineering Department.

“Doing this kind of tests is prevalent in the laboratory setups, both in the nation and all around the world, but it is the first time in the country and the third time in the world that this specific kind of test has been done in the real life situation on existing buildings,” said Mohammad Yekrang, PhD candidate at SUT’s Civil Engineering Department.

Dr. Bakhshi also explained that this kind of test is really challenging and expensive because we have to apply the delicate laboratory conditions on a real life building. For doing so, he continued, a large number of advanced sensors have been installed on the building. Further, a hydraulic jack is put on the floor.

The result of this test is really important for Iran, because “the weakness of this building is a good representative of a large number of buildings in the country, “said Dr. Bakhshi.





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