SUT Professor presents a talk in Colloquia, Leiden University

Sohrab Rahvar, faculty member of the Department of Physics, will deliver a talk in Colloquia on April 15, 2021. In his informative speech, Professor Rahvar will cast light on the history of gravitational microlensing for discovering dark compact objects and exoplanet discoveries, and will discuss the degeneracy problem in gravitational microlensing and solutions using the facilities such as using space-based telescopes and polarization observations. What is more, his lecture will also be centered on illuminating the astrophysical applications of exoplanets such as study the atmosphere of stars and statistical analysis of exoplanets discovered from the microlensing observations.
Currently, Professor Rahvar is a SUT faculty member and a Visiting researcher at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. His research areas are Gravitational Lensing and Microlensing- Extra solar planets, and modified gravity models: Alternative to Dark Energy- Dark Matter and Alternative Models.

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