SUT Professor’s Book Published in Springer

“Analysis and Data-Based Reconstruction of Complex Nonlinear Dynamical Systems”, a book authored by Mohammad Reza Rahimi Tabar, Professor at the Physics Department of Sharif University of Technology, is published in Springer. The book provides an overview of methods that have been developed for the analysis of fluctuating time series and of spatially disordered structures.  Thanks to its feasibility and simplicity, it has been successfully applied to fluctuating time series and spatially disordered structures of complex systems studied in scientific fields such as physics, astrophysics, meteorology, earth science, engineering, finance, medicine and the neurosciences, and has led to a number of important results.

The book focuses on a central question in the field of complex systems: Given a fluctuating (in time or space), uni- or multi-variant sequentially measured set of experimental data (even noisy data), how should one analyse non-parametrically the data, assess underlying trends, uncover characteristics of the fluctuations (including diffusion and jump contributions), and construct a stochastic evolution equation?

Prof. Rahimi Tabar has published over 120 articles in scientific journals. He was fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at Oldenburg and Bonn Universities, Mercator guest professor at Osnabrück University and associate member of ICTP – International Centre for Theoretical Physics.

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