SUT shines in the latest Times Ranking by Subject

In the latest Times Higher Education Rankings by Subject, Sharif University of Technology witnessed elevation and stood at top ranks in the four main spheres of Engineering and Technology, Computer Science, Business and Economics , and Physical Sciences. The Times is one of the internationally recognized ranking systems which have started assessment of universities worldwide since 2004.

According to the latest Times Ranking by Subject released on October 28th 2020, in the area of Computer Science, SUT experienced 50-step elevation and stood at rank 176-200 globally, while securing the best place among Iranian universities. Here, other universities such as University of California Riverside and North Carolina State University (USA), Tohoku University (Japan), University of Oslo (Norway), and University of Geneva (Switzerland) also won similar place as SUT.

Similarly, in the Engineering and Technology domain, with 100-step elevation, SUT stood at rank 201-250 globally and shared the first rank among Iranian universities with University of Tehran.

With regard to Economics and Business, SUT succeeded to achieve the first rank among Iranian universities and ranked 201-250 globally. SUT shared the stage with other universities, namely, Uppsala University (Sweden), Sorbonne University (France), Osaka University (Japan), University of Luxembourg, University of California, Irvine (USA).

What is more, in the Natural Science area, with 150-step elevation, SUT ranked 501-600 globally.

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