Five New Professors from Sharif Break into Top 1% Scientists in the World



According to the ISI-ESI database, the number of SUT’s faculty members to be among the top 1% scientists in the world has increased considerably. This year, 18 professors from SUT have been included in the list, which, in comparison to the previous year, shows a 38% growth.

Dr. M. H. Saeidi, Dr. M. Ehsan, Dr. A. H. Kokabi, Dr. R. Naghdabadi, and Dr. M. Ranjbar, are the five SUT professors who have been added to the list this year.

Further to the five new members of the list, the list also includes Dr. M. T. Ahmadian, Dr. O. Akhavan, Dr. H. Arfaei, Dr. M. Fotuhi Firuzabad, Dr. M. S. Tavazoei, Dr. A. R. Simchi, Dr. M. Haeri, Dr. H. Bagheri, Dr. A. R. Khoei, Dr. S. Kh. Sadrnejad, Dr. M. Asghari, Dr. M. Bagherzadeh and Dr. S. T. Akhavan Niaki. These faculty members are among the top 1% most-cited professors in the fields of engineering, chemistry, physics, materials science, and science.

It is worth mentioning that from the above-mentioned persons, Dr. S. T. Akhavan Niaki and Dr. O. Akhavan have been simultaneously selected as among the top 1% scientists in two different disciplines.

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