Video Clip: Noor AL-Naabi talks about her pleasant experience working in Superconductive Electronics Research Laboratory at Sharif University of Technology

She attends Sharif University of Technology as part of IAESTE internship program. “I was really happy when I found out that I would spend my internship in Sharif University, I had heard a lot about this university; that it is a great university and I was excited to come here”, says Noor. She thinks her time in Sharif was helpful both for her personality and her academic life. She loves that she has gained valuable knowledge in her major, Electrical Engineering, from the research team she had joined and thinks the program helped improve her personality as she had to face the challenges of a new life all alone in a new country. Of course the challenge has got to be easy for her, “people here are kind and friendly and they helped me a lot; for example, when I was here for the first time and sometimes got lost in the buildings!” she says.

Noor thinks by working in the laboratory her path is more special compared to her classmates back in Oman “As part of my internship program, I expected to work in the field. But I had the chance to work in a well-equipped laboratory. This made me special as I gained knowledge in different subjects of Electrical Engineering”.

Now that Noor has gotten familiar with Sharif University of Technology for the short time of her internship, she is thinking of pursuing her master degree here and starting the process of application. She is also excited about learning Persian language.

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