VARknow, A Sharifi Startup Benefiting from VR and AR for Educational Purposes

In the nothing-is-impossible world, the advanced technology serves in its up-to-now best possible way to ease lives; no matter you want to use it in your leisure time watching your favorite show on 3DTV or you are empowering your skills. VARknow is a startup founded in Sharif University of Technology where VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) are employed for educational purposes. The idea behind this startup, developed by Amin Seyedzadeh and Hossein Khatiri, is to help English language learners benefit from technology in their learning.

The early spark of the VARknow was after a research was conducted in the Social and Cognitive Robotics Laboratory of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of SUT. Two groups of 6 to 12-year old English learners were investigated for the effect of using VR in learning process. The outcome was a proof of the efficiency of using VR technology. VR simulates an English spoken environment for the learners where they are able to interact with native English speakers.

Currently VARknow offers two products; the first uses VR headsets and the second is designed to use augmented reality in learning applications. English teaching is just a start for VARknow and the perspective is to use VR and AR technology in second language learning, educational, tourism, health, agriculture and entertainment sectors. To get familiar with the team’s work, please visit their website at

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